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3 Top Features to Look for in a Poolside Speaker

When the Australian weather warms up, a poolside becomes the best place to relax and cool off. Whether you want to read a book, grill with family and friends, or dive into the water, a poolside is much more fun with your favourite music playing in the background. However, you need quality poolside speakers, which perform excellently in an outdoor environment. Here are tips for choosing quality poolside speakers.

Buoyant Casing -- When shopping for poolside speakers, most buyers tend to focus on waterproof properties. However, it is the bare minimum for a poolside speaker. The first thing you should be looking for in a poolside speaker is a buoyant casing that allows the device to float on water while still playing your favourite jams. The ability to float is essential because waterproof speakers can only withstand water pressure up to a certain depth. Therefore, if a waterproof speaker falls into a deep pool, the chances are high that some water will find its way into the device. You need a speaker that will stay afloat instead of forcing you to dive into the deep end to retrieve it. 

Pool-Light Speakers -- Most poolside speakers perform a single function, amplifying audio output. While it might be enough for most homeowners, you do not need to settle for the bare minimum. A poolside speaker should enhance outdoor fun, and the more versatile your speaker, the better. For instance, some poolside speakers double up as pool lights. The speakers have become a must-have for individuals who enjoy night swimming sessions. Moreover, they shine beautiful colours on your pool, eliminating the need to rely on built-in underwater pool lights, which goes a long way in lowering your energy bills. The best part is that you can link two or three pool light speakers for a colour-filled night of fun. 

Omnidirectional Speakers -- As mentioned earlier, the best poolside speakers are also buoyant. However, you might want to look further and focus on the number of speakers in a device. Notably, most floating models have one- or two-directional speakers, which is not suitable for an outdoor environment where people are all over the place. Besides, floating speakers keep rotating in the water, meaning that you only enjoy the directional sound output. Therefore, it is advisable to go for a model equipped with at least four speakers for omnidirectional sound output. You will enjoy crisp sounds from any direction in a pool.

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